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I go hard in the crafts.

Like many handmade businesses, this all started in an unknowing-sort-of-way. One of my very best gal-pals found out she was having a baby girl and I knew I wanted to make something special for the both of them. Well, after hours spent on Pinterest, I decided I would make the baby a bodysuit from a meaningful tshirt that I had ended up with from high school. Since that time, I have been repurposing all kinds of tshirts into outfits for little ones all around the world! My pattern and skills have come a long way from that first bodysuit, and I love adding new tshirt-esque items to my line constantly!

It also just so happens that I have a creative heritage. My mom and grandmother are super crafty ladies and they have always encouraged me to create, craft, and make. Additionally, my grandmother is the master of new-uses. I definitely inherited her repurposeful-spirit and try to use that in each and every item I create - nothing goes to waste over here! Plus, how cool is it when you can take something old and breathe new and exciting life into it?!

Making, marketing, and selling my handmade items has been the perfect way for me to use my MBA in a non-corporate setting. I'm six total years into this creative journey and I learn new things everyday! Some of these things are self-discovered, and others I've learned from people who have creative businesses just like mine. Whether you are making as a hobby, thinking about starting a handmade business, doing it as your side-hustle, or a full-time job you can always improve and streamline your process. I look forward to sharing my discoveries big and small with you and hope to learn a thing-or-two from you in the process too!

Bay City, Michigan is my hometown and where I also have a handmade consignment shop called Half Mile Handmade. I'm currently calling Detroit, Michigan home!

Drop me a line anytime at - I'd love to hear from you!