Recycled T-Shirt Blanket

This is something that has been on my "to-make" list for the longest time. Even though I've been sewing for years I'm always really hesitant to try new projects. I've also been working heavily with t-shirts for the past three years, but knit fabric still scares me a little. I guess what I'm trying to say is I've totally been avoiding this project...the good news is it was super simple and turned out great! You can Google "t-shirt blanket DIY" and get a million results, so I figured I'd just add mine to the mix! My approach to the blanket was a lot more simple than most. I honestly wanted to make it the least amount of 'work' possible, #lazymuch? LOL. There are ways that you can make your blanket more durable and fancy, but if you just want to get 'er done then this might be the perfect tutorial for you!


  • T-shirts (as many or little as you want). For my project I used both the front and back of the shirts because I didn't have enough shirts with graphics on them to fill the whole space.
  • 1 1/2 yards of sweatshirt fleece for the back of your blanket. I used charcoal grey - $12.99/yard*
  • 4 yards of fusible interfacing for the backs of the t-shirts. I used Pellon 906F - $2.99/yard*
  • Thread. I used basic white Coats & Clark - $2.99/spool*
  • I would highly recommend a rotary blade and cutting mat*, it will make this project easier! An alternative would be cutting the square template from cardboard and tracing it on to your shirts then cutting by hand.

*You can get these items at 40% off or more by using your JoAnn's app for coupons, signing up for their emails and text messages, and opting to receive their newsletter in the mail.

Now, let's get to putting this blanket together! 

Step 1


Lay out your sweatshirt fleece and start cutting up your t-shirts. My yard and a half of sweatshirt fleece measured about 55" x 60" so I decided to do my t-shirts in 25 11 x 11" squares. (Jahjeh assists me with all of my projects, obviously). 

Step 2


Cut 25 11 x 11" squares of interfacing and fuse them to the back of the t-shirt squares you had cut. The bolt of interfacing that I got was only 20" tall so I was just short of getting 2 squares out of the height of it. The second photo here shows that for some of the squares I would use 10" and then cut a couple of 2" strips to cover the remaining area. You don't have to do this, but you will end up with a lot of extra interfacing if you don't.

Step 3


Sew rows of your t-shirts together - hopefully you can see the gap in between the rows here. Remember to put the t-shirts right sides together when you are sewing! I used 1/4" seam throughout this project.

Step 4

Now sew each row to the one below it. I pretty much only pinned each row together at the points where the seams met. To be honest, most of my seams didn't match up, which I was okay with. If you are a perfectionist you may have to go back through and make some adjustments.

Step 5

Now that the entire front of the blanket is together, flip it over so the right sides of the blanket and sweatshirt fleece are touching. Pin in place all around the edges and sew. Remember to leave an opening somewhere so you can turn the blanket inside out. I left my opening at the bottom of the blanket in the middle. (Bottom row grey shirt in this photo).

It's hard to see, but I did stitch around the corners twice for a little extra strength. Clip the corners before turning your blanket so they aren't bulky.

Step 6

Turn your blanket right side out, press, and topstitch.

…& you're done!

See, this project wasn't all that bad! Hopefully you guys failed to notice the progression of my craft room getting messier and messier, haha. I would love to answer questions or see your handmade t-shirt blankets send it all to