MURDERINO MIXER at Brass Rail Pizza Bar in Detroit 2/22/2019

I like to consider myself a professional concert-ticket-getter; have you ever tried to get tickets to a Brand New show? If so, then you know how impossible that can feel. Well guess what, I’ve got tickets to them every time! So when I logged into Ticketmaster to get tickets to the My Favorite Murder live show in Detroit I wasn’t sweating it. The clock struck noon, I refreshed my page, put two tickets in my cart, and proceeded to checkout… unfortunately, by the time the page to checkout loaded it said my seats were sold to another customer, but seats A & B were available instead. Alright, I’ll take A & B, proceed to checkout, A & B are sold would you like C & D, yes, repeat vicious cycle. Needless to say, I was unable to get tickets to the show and was completely heartbroken. I’m not a big proponent of third party ticket sites either, so I knew at that moment I would not be able to attend the show.

BUT THEN my wheels started turning… I am a proud bartender at Brass Rail Pizza Bar which is literally a block away from the Fox Theater where Karen and Georgia will be taking the stage. Immediately I approached my bar manager with the idea to throw a Murderino Mixer to which she replied YES without knowing anything about My Favorite Murder/Murderinos and the fantastic true crime community that has blossomed because of this podcast. At first, I was just thinking I’ll make some fun, themed cocktails and we’ll donate a portion of proceeds to some non-profit - GREAT! (And yes, that’s still a thing that’s happening)… BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Of course, my inner event planner craved even more than some fun drinks so I was like I’ll make decorations to make the Muderinos feel welcome at our bar - AWESOME! Then I was like OMG I already have a backdrop for a DIY photo booth, I’ll set that up and make props too so people can take photos - LOVE IT! BUT WAIT AGAIN THERE’S MORE…

The maker/small business owner in me chimes in and is like, um hello, lets really make this a worthwhile evening for Murderinos in Detroit whether they are going to the show or not. LETS HAVE MERCH! LETS DONATE SOME MORE MONEY! So this is where I need help from all of you Murderino Makers! If you are a Murderino Maker interested in learning more about how you can participate, read on. If you’re simply a Murderino looking for a fantastic night surrounded by good company, or a place to eat and drink before and/or after the show, click here to RSVP for the event on Facebook and invite some friends. I look forward to seeing and meeting each and every one of you!

MAKERS! Here’s what I’m thinking - a explosion of SSDGM GEORGIA KAREN STEVEN ELVIS ANYTHING MFM THEMED goods. What do you think :D? As long as your item(s) fit into this criteria, you’re approved to participate! AGAIN, I would like the items to be My Favorite Murder specific - not general true crime, please. I would love nothing more than to give your handmade goods a platform and get your name out there into the world. It also brings me so much joy to support other makers/creatives/small business owners and so I want to PAY YOU for your items that sell on that evening. Since Detroit is one of the Spotlight Cities for End the Backlog, 15% of your sales will be donated to this organization - the remaining proceeds will be sent to you via PayPal.

I know you’ve got questions, so lets get into the nitty gritty…

I will have you mail any items to me at my home address and will personally set them up craft-show-style on the day of the event. The point of sale system that we use at my store (Half Mile Handmade) is pretty bad ass. I’m going to create a faux account that everyone will have back end access to. Items that you send us will be entered by your name and description of the item. You will be able to log in in real-time that day and see your sales happening if you choose. Once the event is over, I will tally up your sales and send you payment via PayPal. For any remaining items, you can opt for me to absorb them into my store at our standard 60/40 consignment split (you keep 60%) OR opt to have them sent back to you at your expense (which I would deduct from your payout amount for items sold). If you decide you’d like to have them in the store, I will follow up to have you sign our contract and all that fun stuff. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, just submit your info via this form and we’ll go from there. If you have more questions/concerns about anything send me an email to

I’m crazy excited to put on this event and hope to see all of you Murderinos in person in Detroit in February (I’ll be the girl with purple hair behind the bar). I hope that you all will enjoy my attempt to soothe my sadness about not being able to attend the show by throwing a big party and combining so many things that I’m seriously passionate about! Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered!