January Income Report

Did January just completely fly by for anyone else?! Seriously, where did the entire month go?! UGH. The first thing that I am sad to report, is that the Lou & Bear income report that I had referenced in my last post has vanished! I went to click the link and get some inspiration on how to go about this and it was gone. You guys will have to bare with me as I figure out the best way to do this over the next few months. Please send suggestions if you have them! 

You're obviously here for the juicy stuff, right? I figure the best thing is to just dive directly into the money and then do my little 'self-evaluation' after this portion. Out of respect for my consignment accounts and other makers, I have decided not to specifically reference the name of each shop in these income reports, but rather refer to them as "Shop 1," "Shop 2," and so on. The exception to this is my shop, Half Mile Handmade. I am putting a star next to this one because rather than the typical 60/40 split, I keep 100% of anything that I sell there, and then put that right back into the business. I don't actually write myself a check for my monthly sales like I do with all the other vendors. I will also not be including this amount in my total sales, however, I did want to actively track my monthly sales at Half Mile Handmade for comparison purposes.

SHOP 1: $7.20
SHOP 2: $24
SHOP 3: $120.60
SHOP 4: $105
SHOP 5: $90.20

One thing that I am trying to focus on HARD this year is using what I have. You would not believe how many tshirts I have in my stash at home! This doesn't mean I'm skipping VOA day with Kelly or stopping myself from buying supplies that I legitimately need. But, I do hope to blow through shirts faster than I have in the past. It seems as if they have been accumulating and I don't have time to make even the smallest dent in the stacks of them in my garage. Therefore, I expect this section to be pretty short and sweet - hold me to it! In January, I totally splurged on pillow forms for the tshirt pillows I' recently started making (to the tune of about $80), so that's not something I expect to have to pay for month-to-month.

SUPPLIES: $156.13


The good news is I can pay a couple of bills (hooray)! Looking at it from the perspective of 'starting over' I'm pretty proud! For someone that does this mainly as a hobby, making $170 bucks in a month could actually be really thrilling! The bad news is, I have SUCH A LONG WAY to go. I'm over here trying to DO THIS, make this my job, and paying one bill a month is not going to cut it, realistically speaking.


For me personally, I think the sensible next step is simply to get into better routines and practices so that I can ultimately make more! Right now, I spend a good chunk of each day working on stuff pertaining to Half Mile Handmade, and then I might have a couple hours for Craftinista Girl stuff, and then I'm off to bartend for the night. Don't get me wrong, I love my schedule and having multiple things to work on at any given moment, but there has to be a way to give more dedicated time to my handmade business.
I'll be honest, listing things on my website does not fill me up and I've been avoiding it like the plague. Therefore, I know a current goal of mine should not be to get more website sales, I mean there's barely anything there to choose from, and I'm honestly not passionate about it at the moment. The thing that seems the most within reach for me at this point is consignment. I'm fired up about adding more stockists to my list, and this 'quiet' time of the year seems like the best time to go after that. I also want and need to do better with social media. I only made 12 posts on Instagram in the month of January, and even less on Facebook - bad girl!

In the past, I've been really hard on myself about goal setting and squeezing every single thing in, but these days I'm much more focused on the realities of it all. I know you've heard it before, "you can only do what you can do." So, if I can get a couple new stockists here and there, and post 20 days out of the month on social media, I think I will be really pleased with myself. Looking forward to another month of the handmade-life, thanks for joining me on this wild ride! Until next month...

Stay Creative,