Self Care + Working From Home

Earlier today, my step-mom sent, "FYI 89 days until cruising" (referring to our family-cruise-vacation in May) in our family group text and it totally blindsided me. We have known about this cruise for a while and since mid-January I have been making a conscious effort to 'get in shape' for this cruise. But when she said 89 days, I kinda sorta panicked!

Growing up, "being active" was non-existent in my routine. I was a gymnast, a dancer, and a cheerleader at different times in life, but going to the gym and eating healthy just weren't things that myself or anyone in my family really did or talked about. As an adult, I have always struggled with how to be in shape and stay active. I go to the gym and have a panic attack at the sight of machines. I Google things like "healthy meal plan" and get overwhelmed by the options. This whole fitness thing just doesn't feel like it's for me, but I want so desperately to be part of it. 

If you've ever seen me in real life, you're probably thinking "why in the world is this skinny girl over here trying to talk about fitness, she's already in shape!?" I do get that a lot. I am generally happy with my body too, in all honesty. What I can say is, I know that leading a more active lifestyle genuinely makes me feel better throughout the day. Somewhere along the way in the whirlwind that was 2016, I fell off. I stopped running, I ate all the worst things, and had ZERO activity in my life. (In my defense, I did have a weird/painful issue with me Achilles for a minute) but excuses aside, I was completely inactive.

Knowledge of this cruise has obviously been a motivation with getting my act back together. I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to travel, especially with my family! Looks aside, we are all going to have an AMAZING time, but I'm also feeling more AMAZING myself day in and day out. Working from home, while it has it's perks, is also a huge burden. How can I justify going for a run when there are piles of things to be finished, and plenty of 'to do's' to be crossed off? Am I the only guilt-filled person on earth that gets a little sick when neglecting the things that NEED TO BE DONE? I am the only person who can get these things done, and if you work for yourself, you know how valuable even one hour of time can be. So, workout or work-in is the question I'm constantly asking myself.

Getting to my point of this whole post... I wanted to share with you how I'm managing to be semi-active and still maintaining and addressing my workload with three simple things.

1) NIKE FUELBAND: This thing is basically my accountability partner. The Fuelband takes your activity and converts it into "fuel points." They say the average person should be getting about 2,000 points/day, a moderately active person gets around 3,000 points/day, and an athlete about 5,000 points/day. I told you how overwhelmed I get with the gym and tracking calories or tracking anything for that matter - this makes my life EASY. More points = I was more active that day, I can comprehend that. I have my daily goal set at 3,000 points - on days that I craft at home, get a small workout in, and bartend, I easily log upwards of 3,500 points. If it's close to midnight and I haven't reached my point goal, you will literally find me doing jumping jacks beside my bed! An extra bonus, if other people you know have the Fuelband you can add them as a friend and compete to see who gets the most points daily.

2) STARBUCKS TUMBLER/Infused Water: I've got a confession, I hate water! Hate it. Don't want to drink it, EVER. But, I know I need to and the only way it happens with me is 1) if it's beyond cold and 2) if it's flavored. Due to this, I need a very large cup since I fill it to the brim with ice cubes and fresh fruit, making it, ya know, like 1/4 actually full of water, lol. I love that this particular cup is LARGE and GLASS, meaning I can't melt it in the dishwasher (been there, done that). My favorite infused blend is mint leaves, lemon, and strawberry, yummm! I also love the fact that this glass is see through. Call me conceded, but nothing beats when people ask what you're drinking and you get to "brag" about it being infused water and how you're oh-so-healthy! Always gives me a boost of confidence and a reason to gulp the whole thing down and fill it up again! 

3) CARDIO: Since I don't mess with any of those crazy machines or weights at the gym cardio is kinda my only option. And don't get me wrong, I LOVE CARDIO, but there's a little piece of me that wishes I could lift something of significance. Recently, I took up Phlex Fitness with my gal-pal Jessica. We get so sweaty, and have so much fun! Rap songs are my fave, so you know I'm getting hyphy in there! I also love Zumba with Beatz Fitness, although I've only ever went once in Columbus with Chelsea. Note to self, get back to Zumba. If you're local to Columbus and ever want to go to either, holler at your girl! I also love running, so anytime I have a chance to get a 5K in on the treadmill or outside that's my "go to" workout. If I'm super strapped for time, I will just throw T-25 on the TV and knock it out quick. All of the videos require ZERO equipment and make me feel like I'm doing more than just some easy-breezy-cardio-workout.

As I mentioned in my January Income Report, I'm trying to "roll with the punches" and not be so hard on myself about completing every single task. I'm not going overboard with this quest for fitness, simply trying to be active within my personal means. Right now, I am working out at least three days a week and I feel pretty accomplished with that. I wish it were more, but I'm doing what I can with the time that I have. What are some of your fitness tips? I'd love to hear more about how you work from home and stay fit at the same time!