February Income Report

Another month another income report! You'll notice right away that this months numbers are far less than last months. The good news is that it's just a phase. After 10 years of working in retail, I've grown used to the fact that January and February are simply slower sales months and that's all there is to it.

SHOP 1: $13.20
SHOP 2: $9
SHOP 3: $17.40
SHOP 4: $7.20
SHOP 5: ? (I have not received payout from this stockist yet)*

I'm still trying my hardest to work with what I have on hand and only go out to purchase items I legitimately need. Last month was tough with Presidents Day being thrown in there. Craft stores have the best sales for this holiday for some reason, so I went a little overboard buying some fabric and things I didn't exactly NEED, but it will all get put to use in good time. I also had to purchase interfacing which I do by the bolt and is a big chunk of money at one time. 

SUPPLIES: $250.12
POSTAGE: $13.07


According to the numbers, February isn't looking like such a hot month for Craftinista Girl. A handful of good things to report though. I put my products in two new stores in the month of February; Piccadilly and Craft Handmade. I also pushed myself to get more items listed in the shop, which was actually less horrible than I've been thinking it would be. It's still not something I'm passionate about so I don't see myself making any real progress there, but I don't feel as intimidated by the process now that I've listed some things. I'm also struggling to find a way to promote sales on my website. How do I get people to the site? Do I need to run sales? Do I need to be more 'in your face' about the fact that I have things for sale? I'm just not sure how to create that sales funnel.

With regards to social media I have tried to be more conscience about posting regularly. Last month, I mentioned trying to post 20 days a month. I did 18 posts on Instagram in February, and even fewer on Facebook. I'm not sure why, but I just prefer Instagram to Facebook and I always forget to post on my Facebook page after I've posted on Instagram. I'm also trying to use the Insta-stories feature more. I love the feature but I haven't quite figured out what people like to see on there, so I'm playing with it.

I expect next months report to be similar to this one in terms of income and expenses. I'll be ramping up production for the busier months ahead so I think I will need to spend a bit on supplies, and since any income from consignment I get will be for sales in the month of February, I don't expect it to be too high. Talk to you all next month! 

Stay Creative,