Submitting A Warranty With Fiskars

Ever since I can remember Fiskars have been part of my 'craft-life.' As a young girl, I can recall my mom using them too. Has anyone experienced the wrath followed by using the scissors on something they weren't meant for?! Yep, I may have heard that rant a time or two from my mom growing up (as an adult, I TOTALLY GET IT though). I use Fiskars brand everything in my craft room. I even upped my scissor game purchasing a $40 pair of scissors shortly after starting my work with tshirts. I was having pain/issues with my elbow from cutting through multiple layers of knit material at a time and getting a better quality pair of scissors cleared up all of my problems almost immediately; highly recommend!

My first rotary blade and cutting mat was Fiskars brand as well, a gift from my grandmother when I first started sewing in high school. I used that set for the longest time and still have it in a closet somewhere, but as I started doing larger projects I just needed something more massive. I purchased a large mat from JoAnn a couple of years ago, and in that short time managed to make some pretty deep cuts in what I thought was a 'self curing' mat. It started effecting the accuracy and shape of my cuts and I had no other choice but to get a new one. I waited and waited and waited for a 60% coupon from JoAnn to get it at a reasonable price and finally took the plunge about a month ago.

A couple of weeks ago on my Instagram story, I shared my inaugural cut using my new Fiskars cutting board. When I was removing the sticker from the board, I noticed that it said "Lifetime Warranty" and thought, hm, I should probably see what that's all about and proceeded to Google "Fiskars Warranty" which took me right here. WHAT DID WE DO BEFORE GOOGLE?! I filled out the form to the best of my knowledge and immediately received a message saying they had received my request. Three days after that I got another email that my replacement was being shipped, and five days after that the mat arrived at my door. No questions asked, WOW! 

I seriously can't believe how simple and quick the entire process was, it makes me love Fiskars even more. Have you ever went through the warranty process with any of your craft supplies? I'd love to hear about it at THANKS FISKARS!